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Lisa Ghio / illustration & graphic design

LISA GHIO, I live and work in Berlin & Southern France and my craft is the visual translation of ideas. I like to get my hands dirty, using all my senses. Illustration and visual communication were my subjects of study. As freelancer, since 2012, I have worked in various projects of art and culture. From conception, through development, to production, I translate visions into images ...


True to Marshall McLuhan's motto: "The Medium is the Massage".


Curiously, this sentence does not even come from the great media scientist McLuhan!

His graphic artist, Quentin Fiore, quoted the expert wrong and created in the same breath a whole new truth: From the E in MEssage he made an A for MAssage and revealed so, completely unconsciously, two important facts:


1. The magical independence of communication.

2. The essence of media to massage the human sensorium.


Amid the chaos of “visual linguistics” I bundle the information, attitudes, and ideas into a suitable format, and I simply cue the tracks -- without waste, without scratches and skips, and without any added confetti – from the transmitter to the receiver.

2004: Artistic degree from the Rudolf Steiner School in Aukland / New Zealand


2004: Abitur (High school diploma) at the Rudolf Steiner School Erlangen / Germany


2006/07: International stays abroad in Africa, Asia, Central and South America


2008/12: Study of Visual Communication, at the University of Arts Berlin


2008/12: Guest student in painting, at the University of Arts Berlin


2009: GTZ Award, poster competition "China in the Change of NGOs"


Since 2010: Freelancer 


2011: Lecturer in video art, German University Cairo / Egypt


2012: Participation in the European Media Art Festival (EMAF), with the video art project Insights


Since 2013: Art Director of the music festival BONANZA, Innsbruck / Austria


Since 2014: Freelance lecturer at the Left Media Academy / Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung Berlin


2015: Award of Willi Münzenberg Congress, for "Silent Night" documentary


2016: Master studies in Management for Culture and Non-Profit Organizations, TU Kaiserslautern


Since 2018: Art Director of the "CULTURA - Kulturveranstaltungen", Classic music events (Germany)


Since 2019: Art Director of the "LUSATIA - Music festival", Music festival (Germany)


Since 2010: Founder of the artist residency "Barbazan" in southern France, Gers  

for various music labels, artists, festivals and NGOs.

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